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TapnSee Now is the first app for iPad and iPhone created specifically for children with cortical visual impairment The bright colors and fun pictures in this worldrenowned cause and effect app will also appeal to babies and young toddlers without Design & Game Play TapNSee Now was designed to incorporate Dr. RomanLantzy's common characteristics of Adorable handdrawn images dance around the screen one at a time, appealing to a child's preference for movement. The use of a single image against a solid background helps eliminate visual clutter while the use of highly saturated colors makes the image easier to see. Touching the image results in a reward sound as the image grows in size. Customizable All aspects of the app are fully customizable to meet your child's needs. Both the animals and background can be set to your child's preferred color. Particular images can be chosen to adapt to the level of complexity that works best for your child. How you interact with the image and what kind of reward is triggered is also highly customizable. All these settings make it possible for the app to adapt to your child's expanding visual and physical ability! Settings The settings allow you to Choose between 5 loveable animals or purchase any of 11 additional image packs. Choose from a variety of highly saturated background and image colors. Select how big the image appears on the screen. Select how quickly the image moves around the screen. Choose from 10 unique reward sounds to play when the image is touched. Select from a variety of other motion and touch settings that make the app accessible even for those with limited movement. Learn more To learn more about cortical visual impairment and explore our other products, visit us on the web at http//www.littlebearsees.org

Website: http://www.littlebearsees.org/cvi-ipad-app-tap-n-see-zoo/


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