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Back in the “old days”, producers and engineers created delay and echo effects using tape machines. Tap Delay combines the warm sound of vintage tape echo machines with a modern, step sequencerlike tapped delay engine which continues the tradition of the tape echo machines into the 21st century. Intro offer 50% off The Tape simulation includes all relevant aspects for the recreation of a faithful analog tape sound Compression and Saturation Tape hiss Tape head bias Wow and Flutter (Tape speed instability) Smooth speed / delay time changes Three feedback filters with hipass/lowpass and bandpass characteristic simplify the creation of authentic dub echo effects. The builtin Limiter allows for endless feedback sounds. Use live input from any source Microphone, Guitar, Audiobus and Inter App Audio or take a song from your iTunes library for processing. Features Multitap delay machine 24 taps for rhythmic delay effects Tape simulation ( Saturation, Noise, Flutter ) Alias free tape saturation through oversampling. controllable including Tempo sync Delay loop equalizer for dub effect. Glitch free simulation of variable tape speeds. Spatial echo rotation effect. Audiobus 2 compatible with state saving compatible ( Auria, Cubasis, Garageband ). Integrated iTunes player.

Website: http://www.virsyn.net/mobileapp/


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