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ncluded is 2 audio tracks, 5 daily activities, a stress assessment, and much more! Description s a teen, there are moments in your life when you’re really stressed and just need to “Take a Chill.” This app is full of tools to help manage that stress, and bring mindful practices into a daily routine. Using quick mindful exercises and thoughtful activities, begin to overcome those moments whether it’s studying for a test or preventing negative thoughts and patterns. Features included in app Quick Exercises two illustrated exercises for inthemoment situations. Daily Dose Daily activities to help reinforce concepts and increase your mindful practice udio Free audio tracks to accompany exercises Progress See your progress and activity overtime Reminders keep yourself motivated with 3 types of Reminders Stress ssessment quick assessment to find out how stressed you might be Notes notepad to quickly jot any notes or insights that come to mind for later Motivational Quotes Receive a new motivational quote after each use bout Stressed Teens Stressed Teens, otherwise known as the MindfulnessBased Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSRT) Program, was founded in 2004. Stressed Teens has been demonstrated through research to be an effective and evidencebased intervention to reduce adolescent stress and the physical and psychological problems that result. Stressed Teens is adapted in a variety of ways to accommodate the setting in which it is being offered. This program is frequently utilized with individuals, families, and ingroup settings. Learn more at http//www.stressedteens.com What Teens Have to Say bout The Stressed Teens Program am less judgmental, less stressed, happier with myself, more honest, more caring, and kinder after the class.” learned how to deal with my stress differently, which helped me stop cutting.” am a better thinker, a better friend, a better learner, and have allowed myself to care about the careless.” think the meds help me concentrate,but they did not help as much as the body scan [a mindful practice] helped.” really like the idea of not living in the past or the future, but being mindful.” What dults Have to Say bout bout The Stressed Program liked the practical ways to integrate this approach with youth and also that mindfulness is moving into the education system. see this as vital!” am feeling relaxed and this is something want to start using with my clients.” have a intention to commit myself to practice and share mindfulness with my teen daughter.” “Mindfulness has huge results!” feel like was mindful before today but wasn’t sure how to teach students how to be mindful. Now feel like can start a group!”


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