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Interface is now completely updated for iOS7+. And, the app can now be shared in a family! See iTunes for details. Tablet Journal™ is extremely easytouse! We have created a large variety of unique icons and beautiful backgrounds to enhance your journaling experience. Our intention is to assist you in recording your thoughts, ideas, experiences, daily activites or anything else that happens in life... wherever you are! Key features of the Tablet Journal Easily change font, point size, and color of text, title or date Quickly change an entry date/time Edit entry titles with a single tap Create & save a personal color Create multiple entries for any journal Search journals by text, entry title or date Unique artistic icons & backgrounds Fully functioning text editor, with copy, cut, paste, replace, spellcheck & autocapitalization Organization Set defaults for font, text sizes, colors Edit journal name, group or icon Easy to delete a journal you no longer want to keep Autosave for all entries and journals Works in both portrait and landscape mode Sharing with others via Export Twitter... tweet away! Facebook... post your status! Email... whatever you like! You are not limited to entries or topics in your journals. Export to for saving out your personal journals and for backup. Here are some ways to personalize each of your journals Choose a unique icon, of which 16 are included Use one of 16 included custom backgrounds Create groups to organize your journals Additional icons & backgrounds available in individual sets or all in the upgrade. 11 icon sets (a total of 259 different icons) 5 sets of artisitc or photographic backgrounds (105 in total) Sample Included in the app is one sample Journal, which is really a short tutorial, and help, which can be deleted.



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