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Now you can make your own prostyle swimmer trading cards to share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Order a pack of glossy, UVcoated cards printed on the thickest card stock to trade with friends, or even get a Tshirt or fridge magnet printed with your favorite card design! Starr Cards Retro 75 series is the primary card design within the Swimming Card Maker its throwback look is the perfect fit for a youth swim club, high school swimmer, college team, or fan of any age. Try turning an old photo into an instant classic card or even making a sportsthemed business card. ll your cards are automatically arranged in a gorgeous collector's album for easy access and browsing. The awardwinning Starr Cards series is loaded with goodies so you can produce the ultimate swimmer card. Every aspect of your card is fully customizable swimmer’s name, speciality, and card number team name, home pool, and mascot color scheme of the card's front side cartoon and quiz question best swim times and venues bio data including birthplace or hometown anecdote, trivia, or highlight Starr Cards even has a special landscapemode for producing team cards. No detail is left unattended each and every card is sure to be a collectable keepsake. The backsides of cards are replete with entertaining swimming trivia including a cartoon & section, fast facts, insider capsules, and the best quotes from the history of the sport. Discover for yourself why Starr Cards is being hailed as "the most exciting development in sports card collecting in the new millennium." If seeing is believing, then Starr Cards is sure to make you a believer and diehard fan. If you like swimmer, you're gonna Starr Cards! Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/starrcards

Website: http://www.starrcards.com


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