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Sweden offline map brought to you by . Discover new places, cities, countries and states, browse full featured offline Sweden map on your device. This app works without data roaming, WiFi connection or any hidden costs! Useful at home and perfect for travel. Millions of pointsofinterest to discover in Sweden search for restaurants, tourist attractions and destinations, gas/petrol stations, machines, metro/ subway stations and more. Uptodate map data is added daily by map users worldwide www.openstreetmap.org. Maps are stored on your phone or tablet. No internet connection needed while using this app! Forget about roaming charges when travelling. Compact, vector maps with superfast rendering. FEATURES Completely offline Sweden map. Bookmarks of places. Offline search (find bars, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, banks etc.). location detection. 'Autofollow' mode ( map automatically orients itself). Tablet & retina screen ready (high resolution). Searchable maps find any town, street, sight, shop and other places easily. If you have any questions, contact us at support@pocketglobe.us. We respond to every enquiry.

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