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2012 2 S!!! 2012 & 2012 ( S) & 2012 APP SELECTED 5 2011! VERSION 2.0 AVAILABLE Share your movies on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and by EMail Bad Robot and QMx Interactive present Super 8™ Turn your iPhone into a vintage Super 8 film camera! Super 8™ is the ultimate Super 8 camera emulator for your videocapable iDevice. Using Super 8™, you can make your own vintage movies and add lens, filter and shake effects, arrange clips and scenes the way you want them; you can even add your own credits. And now with Version 2, you can publish your videos to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and via EMail instantly! With the addition of oneshot movies, all you need to do is film a clip and then post it directly. No more need to go to the cartridge or library or render a movie to put it out to the world! IMPORTANT R R I'S TGS (TU SER 8™ TGS) E SHARG Super 8™ offers seven lens effects, three animated filters, a scratchanddirt overlay and frame shake effect that you can mixandmatch to create a wide variety of looks for your movies. Super 8™ Features ScratchandDirt Overlay Add/Change Filter Effects Switch Between Front and Reverse Camera Views (iPhone 4 only) Analog Time Elapsed Counter Turn On Camera Light (iPhone 4 only) Tap Button for Frame Shake Effect Make movies in cartridge mode or the new oneshot mode, which let's you share your videos instantly! Change Lenses Between Color Chromatic Black & White Sepia XRay Negative Infrared NEW! Posterize NEW! Fisheye Arrange or Delete Scenes (clips) Add or Delete an Authentic Super 8 Film Leader Edit Film Title Add Credits NEW! Share your clips on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or via EMail! Develop Your Film Select Movie to Play Change Movie Titles Delete Movies from Library NEW! Share your clips on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or via EMail! Pull Down Screen to Start Movie Reverse, Pause/Play and Forward Playback Controls Share (email movies or save them to a computer via iTunes) CE Access Your Camera Open Your Movie Library Super 8™ Instruction Manual Get the Super 8 and BluRay directly from the Super 8™ app!


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