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Sukhmani Sahib now in Gurmukhi, Hindi, English and also Translation in English. Each line is highlighted as the paath is recited. Mp3 Playback of Paath in the background when you don't want to read the paath. Increase / Decrease the Font. larm Reminder for Paath. Bookmark. Some reviews of our earlier version ( 5 Stars ) May 6, 2013 by Simar44 Love this pp This is exactly what i needed thank you. ( 5 Stars ) Jun 5, 2013 by Harmandeep Birring mazing thank you Best app ever (5 Stars ) Jun 30, 2013 by Jeetu776 Osm app for sukhmani sahid ji Bahut vadiya app hai ji..ssa..rabb rakha Sukhmani Sahib Ji Sukhmani Sahib is the title given to the Gurbani in raga Gauri Sukhmani in the Guru Granth Sahib which in turn appears in the major musical measure Raga Gauri to which it belongs. It is written by Guru rjan Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru. Sukhmani Sahib comprises twentyfour stpadis , each comprising of eight Pauris. salok precedes each stpadi. lso each Pauri consists of 5 salok (couplet) consisting of 10 Tuks (lines). Below is a table summarising the message of the 24 stpadis in the Sukhmani Sahib. 1. Sums up the benefits of contemplation and meditation. 2. Tells us that "practising holiness" reduces man's propensity to sin. 3. The Guru states that any study of holy texts, the performance of austerities. Etc. cannot compare with reading or listening to the Sacred Word. 4. Stresses the need for good behaviour. 5. We learn to thank God for all his various gifts and treasures which He gives us. 6. Examples God's gifts to man a healthy body, delicacies to eat, silks and jewels to wear and pleasant music to hear. 7. Dwells on the attributes of the saints 8. Similarly to 7, an appreciation of the Godoriented man the Brahmgiani is found here. 9. Guru rjan defines the various types of holy persons like the Pandit, Vaishnav, Bhagwati, etc 10. This deals with the various types of people and substances, both good and bad. 11. The Guru tells us that the meek and the humble win God's love, while the haughty and the vain find no peace or joy. 12. Dwells on the lot of the boastful and the arrogant. 13. Tells us of the need to associate with saintly people and of avoiding their slander. 14. Points out that mortals, by their very nature, are fickle and wayward; so no reliance can be placed on them. 15. Just as darkness is dispelled by light, and wilderness is illuminated by lightning, the Guru's instruction opens up the mind. 16. The Guru refers to God as the Director, Playwright and ctor in His own plays. 17. The Guru emphasizes the qualities of a true servant of God, namely obedience and humility. 18. Stresses the characteristics of a Seeker of Truth. 19. Guru rjan warns of the distractions of life. Why waste one's life amassing wealth? 20. Deals with the need of efforts for spiritual progress. 21. The Guru tells of the precreation state. Before creation, there was a great void. 22. There is a short list of God's attributes. He is the fountain of generosity and goodness. 23. Tells us of the omnipotence of God. He created the fabric of the universe; he controls the stellar bodies. 24. The benefits of the Sukhmani are expounded. The true devotee will be rewarded with health, culture, wisdom, peace, etc.



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