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Have you ever not had the right ingredient for a recipe? or do you know someone with special dietary or nutritional requirements and need to avoid certain foods? If so then The SubUlator is perfect for you! Whist there are other substitute apps only The SubUlator has the following unique 'Substitute Calculator' provides precise ingredients for any specified quantity Over 530 substitutions for a huge range of ingredients Dietary indicators for gluten free, low fat, dairy, vegan and low sugar Extensive instructions and notes for every substitution Works in metric (g & ml), imperial (oz & fl/oz) and Cups Supposing you have no milk... We have nine workable alternatives for you No caraway seeds... two substitutions for you... The list is endless. Need to make a gluten free beer batter? The SubUlator will tell you how. This really is the ultimate substitutions app. We have spent over six months researching the data and had it extensively checked by a leading food writer. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it.



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