Stylin' Paracord

About Stylin' Paracord

Paracord is all the rage right now. This fun app will teach you how to make your own paracord bracelets, lanyards and keychains! Easy to follow stepbystep instructions with clear high resolution photos make it super easy to follow along and create your own paracord gear! Includes these 11 paracord tutorials 1. Cobra Braid Bracelet 2. Piranha Tooth Bracelet 3. Fishtail Weave Bracelet 4. Sawtooth Weave Bracelet 5. King Cobra Bracelet 6. Dragon's Tongue Bracelet 7. Extreme Weave Bracelet 8. Cobra Stripe Bracelet 9. Cobra Knot Lanyard 10. Box Knot Keychain 11. Cobra Knot Keychain


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