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Audio player with extra detailed highfidelity sound. More than 50 professionally optimized sound adjustable presets for headphones, portable speakers, and devices & 48 bands full parametric high precision equalizer with auto preset switching function. This player will allow you to hear the music totally different as on expensive studio headphones and audio monitors (studio speakers). According to the presets of our audio player, your headphones and most fullsized audio devices will sound as professional expensive studio devices. The sound will become crystalclear, wide and rich. And all this thanks to the highlyaccuracy adjustment individually created for each device. How? This is done through the deep study of the sound within a few years of the work. We have studied in detail the amplitude frequency responses of audio of all present devices in the audio player and aligned the sound to the peculiarities of each of them. Presets Now, there are more than 50 presets for the most famous brands in the player. You can find the list of devices on our website. It is constantly updated by new devices. 48band equalizer For professional users, the player has a 48band paragraphic equalizer to adjust the sound manually. Equalizer selection of any frequency between 20 and 20,000 Hz, bandwidth within the range of 0.1 2 octaves, gain from 10 to +4 dB and total 48 bands. This is a truly great opportunity! Each person has a preference for the sound. Someone likes more bass, and someone trebles. That's why we made the section easy adjustable to your tastes. Here you can add or remove subbass, bass, mids, trebles and presence. Presets "memorize" the device Our player is smart, so it will activate the appropriate preset when connected to a bluetooth device. You only need to choose the appropriate preset when connected to a new bluetooth device. When disconnecting the device, the last preset is activated, which was used for audio output (headphones). Low power consumption! We’ve made sure that you can enjoy your favorite music in high quality playback for a long time and made a player that consumes little resources and energy. Album cover zooming Sometimes you want to have a closer look at the album cover, but how to do it? Doubleclick on the cover or a "stretching" gesture will make a zoom. Now the track is easy to remember You can send a title of the track you liked and settings thereto to your email by doubleclicking on the name of the song or artist in the main window of the player. Color schemes Everyone has a favorite color. That's why we have made 13 color schemes to choose from Orange, Grey, Gold, Black & White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Marine, Pink, Violet, Cyan, Brown, Dirty Pink. Player has module! In this module you can change tonality and playback speed "on the go". It is fun and very convenient for those who are engaged in the creation of sampling music. Playlist The player has a simple user interface that allows opening the playlist from any window by moving a finger from left to right it's very convenient! Shuffle mode In Shuffle mode the same track will be played again only after the entire playlist plays, and not before. This way, we avoid repeats when playing a playlist. All presets are created exclusively on the original brandname audio devices. The sound on forgeries is absolutely incompatible with our player! The device must be of the same year, and the model must coincide with the model being in presets. Otherwise, there is no guarantee of a high quality sound. However, sometimes even completely different devices sound very similar to each other. That's why preset can suit despite a different model, and even the device manufacturer! NOTICE Downloaded content from Apple Music can't be played by this player because it's content is protected and can be played only by original Apple Music player. Thanks for your time, enjoy music in all its beauty!



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