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Student Report Writer iPad app for iOS f you’re a teacher, who hates writing student reports, but has to do so, maybe this can make your life a little easier. Click the Developer Website link For lots more interesting information, great videos and tutorials. f you’re anything like me, you probably don’t enjoy writing student reports. t’s not that don’t care about my students, just writing those damn reports is a pain. Since most reports are similar, with different sentences for different levels of student classwork, homework and progress, it just seemed sensible to take sentences commonly used and find a way to “copy and paste” the appropriate level sentences for each student. n addition, the student’s name may be added and the student’s gender is important in making sure the report is grammatically correct. Student Report Writer does all of the above and more. Between you and me, haven't typed or written a final report since the end of 2011, and will probably rarely have to do ever again. Although, sometimes do a little postediting, just to customise the reports a little. Please check the website for tutorials on workflow. Student Report Writer is a great timesaver and will rarely write a report without it. Before Writing a typical report 10 mins Now With Student Report Writer 20 secs hope you enjoy Student Report Writer and the extra free time you now have!



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