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Send and videos to your ChromeCast ChromeStream instantly sends your or video to your ChromeCast without needing to convert it. ChromeStream supports most and videos with or audio. It streams the video to a ChromeCast whilst converting the video/audio as required. The must remain open whilst the video is streaming Send and videos to your ChromeCast Transfer videos to your iPad / iPhone over Wifi Share videos at your friends houses! Easy to use just hit play! Converts videos in real time on your iPad / iPhone! Supports video in / Supports and audio This app requires a ChromeCast device. Do not close the app when the video starts playing its working hard converting the video in the background Make sure you have a lot of free disk space (the same amount as the file you are playing Q Why does the video buffer / pause / stop? A Streaming video between 2 devices is probably the most intensive thing your wireless network will do. Make sure both devices have a strong wifi connection. Q Does this app just open a web browser? A No, this app converts the video into a format that the ChromeCast can play and serves it from a built in web server. It then opens Google Chrome at a special web app and streams the video. Behind its minimal interface a lot of powerful things are happening, so keep the app open when your playing files!


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