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Strata Pro Remote for BlackMagic Design Switchers, including Television Studio, Production Studio Production Studio and Production Studio Strata connects directly to your switcher via Wifi and your switcher's network connection. It does not require a separate computer. VERSION This Pro version includes control of all the primary buttons on Switchers including control of the second in switchers, control of Aux Outputs and Audio. Pro also supports external or network Midi control supporting devices such as Nanopad, and also adds macro capability to Switchers with Strata's built in recordable macros, and also native macros. FEATURES Control Program and Preview Busses Cut and Auto Transition Control Control OnAir of Upstream and Downstream Keys Control Selection of Next Transition Actions Transition Preview TBar Control Fade To Black Select Transition Style Connection Indicator with autoreconnect Control of Aux Outputs Control of Audio Faders and Metering Configurable Midi Control of all buttons Recordable Macros internally and using Link to Atem Software Panel Step through Stills in Media Player 1 NOTE This app is not designed for older Switchers not manufactured by BlackMagic Design. Requires iOS 5.1 or later and 3.4, thru 6.4 Firmware. Channels 1720 on 2 are not controllable. IMPORTANT The control protocol uses and is fairly intolerant to packet loss and network latency. It is very important to have a reliable, responsive network for Strata Pro to work reliably. Wifi router performance varies between vendors, and best results have been shown with Apple Airport wifi routers. Some 3rd party routers have shown to be unreliable due to latency or packet loss. See http// for more details on optimising your Wifi environment for Strata. Some reviews have mentioned 'crashing' note that in all cases examined this is due to an unreliable environment and not a problem with the Strata app itself. You will need a suitable low latency, low loss environment if you wish to connect to an using this is due to the 's intolerance of latency and packet loss. Please read all the information at the support site before assuming that Strata is at fault. http// Independent Review of this app at http//



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