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Story Spark creates endless unique story prompts by combining prompt templates and carefully selected word lists. ith a simple tap on the screen, get a fresh new spark of inspiration instantly! Great for the reluctant writer, young and old. Never fear the blank page again! Express your creativity by expanding on the Story Spark prompt. Build your creative writing skills by elaborating and embellishing on the trillions of unique prompts randomly generated for you! Do you have writer's block? Use Story Spark to generate a plot twist or surprise for your current work in progress. Just apply the spark to your current characters, or have them meet someone new! Explore the activity ideas listed at the end of this description to cure writer's block, feed your muse, or trigger new ideas! Tap through new prompts to fuel your imagination! Have fun reading them with friends and brainstorming! Features 50+ Scenarios, with unlimited word combinations 38 Beautiful background images Navigate back through your history of prompts Mark prompts as favorites Regular content updates Universal App Highresolution graphics supporting Retina Display Apple VoiceOver support for lowvision users Recommended ages 10 and up Do you like Story Spark? Check out our other writing apps, Story Dice and Lists for riters, and leave us a good review! e really do appreciate that! As always, please email us your suggestions, bugs, and feature requests to e read and respond to our fans and continue to regularly update our apps with new content and features. Activity Ideas and Education Applications 1. Creative riting. Read the prompt silently, then construct a short story or poem. 2. Storytelling. Read the prompt silently, then create a story. 3. Drama Class. Divide students into pairs, then give each pair a prompt. Have each group act out the scene, then read the given prompt to the class. 4. Critical Thinking. Read the prompt, then answer the five questions (ho? hat? hy? hen? How?) 5. Geography Challenge. Read a prompt with a location and find it on a map. 6. ord Swap. Do any of the previous activities but allow students to change one word in the prompt to one of their own choosing. 7. Sketch the Scene. Read a Story Spark, then draw a sketch of the scene. 8. Impromptu storytelling. Great for bedtime stories or around the campfire! 9. Journaling. Use the spark to brainstorm other ideas in your journal. 10. Flash/Lightning fiction (5minute warm up.) rite a 5minute fiction to fire up your brain! 11. Cartooning. Tell the story through cartooning. 12. Entertainment. Read the sparks for fun! 13. Logic and Reasoning. Come up with arguments to validate the scenario.



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