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It’s over, you quit smoking ! Download this app for free now The last cigarette is today, you will stop destroying yourself to have a better life. With this free app, stop being addicted to tobacco. Take the control over your life and quit cigarette now. Why you should quit smoking ? Cigarettes and cigar, like all products made with tobacco enhance your chances to have the cancer. Stop being nicotine dependent Save money Become one of the few ex smokers! How to quit smoking ? Download the app for free, follow our advice and that’s it. Stop cigarette now and download the app! How the app works ? As a trainer, the application is made to help you in your fight against cigarette. Make progress stop tobacco. Be diligent! If you smoke, please mention it in the application to be able to adapt your program. Check out our tips and advices to hold on. Look at the money you have saved by quitting smoking, and earned days in your life. You know how important is to live healthily, and tobacco is not part of a healthy life, that's why you need this app. Why try to stop smoking with our app? You've tried everything but nothing works, you continue to smoke. Maybe methods do not suit you. The app can be a good alternative to track your evolution. If you fell need to smoke, just read articles that will motivate you to continue the fight against smoking and tobacco. Beware The desire to quit is very important, the application will not do everything. To quit smoking, you will be helped by the app but everything depends on your will. You can do it !


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