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About Stop Attack is an assaultresponse application (app) for your iphone. When activated it becomes a virtual witness to assaults (verbal or physical) capturing momentbymoment details via video and audio recordings, which are sent directly to secured cloud storage in real time. Even if you only capture a few moments of footage before you drop your device or it is broken, those precious recordings can be accessed later and used as evidence. Damage to the phone will not affect the recordings already sent to the cloud. STOPTTCK does so much more than simply record an event. Our ‘Panic List’ feature which you load into your phone ahead of time sends email and text message links of the recording and your location to your trusted emergency contacts so they can find you and help you. There is also an option to notify the authorities from the STOPTTCK app when you need immediate police assistance. With STOPTTCK the people you trust will have instant access to your location and recordings so they can respond to the danger or situation appropriately. Designed to be easily used by children or adults it provides an invaluable personal protection resource. Perfect for kids who are regularly bullied and have been unable to record the abuse. great solution to record workplace abuses which can be extremely difficult to prove. Easy for people who are out and about and want the added security of being able to record (and deter) attacks should they arise. The STOPTTCK app can be an essential technological support tool to deter, capture and assist you during a crisis. The application is supported by the web site, which is a userfriendly and easily navigated. From the members area of, you can manage your incident recordings; download, delete or save them for future reference. Subscribers begin by setting up the STOP TTCK app on their mobile device. There are a number of options enabling the user to customize the configuration to suit their personal preferences. The pp includes a number of phone features such as Quick ctivation.The app can be activated by simply pressing the STOPTTCK app icon on your phone, which will activate the app. StandBy Mode. Once the app is activated, it will open in standby mode and only requires a simple touch on the screen to activate the recordings and to start sending the incident to your contact list and the cloud storage area. ctivation Mode. fter the app has been fully activated, the phone displays the recording, notification alert status of the Panic List contacts and the status of the phone features (, recording, cloud synch, flashlight and the alarm activation). This mode also has a special contact 911 now button as well. Panic List. The panic list is a key feature of the app. The user customizes the contact list by securely adding names, cell numbers and emails of their contacts. It also allows the user to customize Panic List call timings. For example, you can setup the time interval between when the primary contacts will be notified after the app has been activated past standby mode. That is, each contact has the notification option of; SP, 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds before the recording links are emailed and a text message is sent. Phone Settings. The pp also allows the user to select the options of turning on the phone’s camera light and setting a piercing alarm when the app is in activation mode.



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