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StaTable provides immediate access to twenty five most commonly used statistical distributions. With just a few keystrokes, the tail area or percentage point you want appears in a window. StaTable eliminates hunting for books of tables, interpolation, and risk of calculation error. The following statistical distributions are accessible in StaTable. Continuous 1) Normal, 2) ChiSquare, 3) Student's t, 4) distribution, 5) Lognormal, 6) Bivariate Normal, 7) Exponential, 8) Gamma, 9) Weibull, 10) Uniform, 11) Beta, 12) Triangular, 13) Cauchy, 14) Gumbel, 15) Pareto, 16) Logistic, 17) NonCentral ChiSquare, 18) NonCentral Student's t, 19) NonCentral Discrete 20) Binomial, 21) Multinomial, 22) Poisson, 23) Negative Binomial, 24) Hypergeometric, 25) Geometric Looking up Table Values If you are looking up probabilities for a given variate value simply type the value(s) into the topmost cell(s). The desired probabilities will be computed and shown in the bottom group of probability cells. If you are looking for the percentile point for a given probability, enter this value in the appropriate probability cell. The topmost cell will then display the required percentile point value. or additional technical information, please see Appendix AD of StaTable Manual at http// . You may ignore other parts of the manual which were written originally for desktop application. or other inquiries and feedback, please send email to Note StaTable for (Mac) is available on Mac App Store.



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