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The stateoftheart solution to navigation computations on your iPhone or iPod touch. tarPilot does celestial sight reductions of all bodies using highprecision internal almanac, plus mathematical and graphic solutions for position fixes, great circle, rhumb line, traverse and composite sailings, all current problems, piloting solutions, and much more...including lunar distance method of finding from the sky and a unique graphical ight Planner, and the new ight Analyzer function that helps you get the most accurate results from a series of sights. The tarPilot is the self sufficient state of the art solution to ocean navigation, fully upgradeable with free upgrades available via Internet download, easy to use operation from logical menu lists, plus illustrated context sensitive help with practice exercises. The tarPilot requires no external resources to complete its computations. Internet access is not required to use this program or to access any of its help files. General program design features... that save time, keystrokes, and minimize errors Easy to use menudriven interface tored settings of commonly used values All bodies and star names stored internally, no need for separate lists functions integrated with the celestial functions Convenient updating by log or time Input courses as true or magnetic Convenient time input, with or without zone description and watch error Graphing calculator plots Fixes, positions, and tar maps Program can be easily updated to incorporate latest version and features Custom menu bar for quick navigation to oftenused functions ight Planning unrise, unset, times and bearings (amplitudes) time, Equation of time, Hs max at Nautical and Civil twilight times, and Aries at midpoint between them Moonrise, Moonset, Moon phase, and Moon age Precompute specific values of Hc and Zn for any body Planet and tar by observed height and bearing function plots full sky showing moon, stars, and planets in Radarlike display of heights and bearings. et Hc min/max and max number of stars before computation. et cursor and click to read the actual height and bearing of a plotted body. pecial fast almanac mode allows full sky plot Display internal list of 173 stars by name, brightness, and location Unique function selects the optimum triads of sights for any sky ight Reduction Optional modes for sequential sights using repeated settings or unrelated individual sights Perpetual almanac accurate to 2100+ Historically accurate almanac data to 16th century ight reduction of un, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, aturn... plus Mercury! ight Reduction of 173 stars plus Polaris “Assumed positions” read directly from section without extra input View intercepts (avalues) with or without course and speed corrections Full input data displayed with results to check for errors pecial centerbody mode for artificial horizon data Dipshort mode for practice at shorelines Celestial Fixes Unique fits a sequence of sights to the right slope for optimum sight selection All fixes corrected automatically for course and speed as needed Fix accuracy independent of accuracy in all cases Plots with live cursor position display Fix computed by algorithm in the Nautical Almanac Zoom in on plot to see where computed fix is located Fix can be obtained by graphic selection from the plot Automatic display of toFix range and bearing Optional automatic update of after fix Display new course and distance to stored destination



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