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This version allows users unlimited use of this assessment. The Standardized Touchscreen ssessment of Cognition is an automated screening tool that allows therapists and other healthcare providers to obtain cursory information about an individual’s cognitive function. The assesses cognitive and linguistic functions and enables the examiner to receive both quantitative and qualitative information about a person's cognitive abilities. The is a selfadministered, automated assessment making the administration consistent from session to session eliminating examiner bias with serial administrations of the test. The scoring is automated, however qualitative information from each patient is determined based on time elapsed during timed subtests, pattern of responses and ability to process subtest instructions. full report is immediately accessible following the test administration, and can be emailed directly to the clinician. Ranked scores are provided in the report based on preliminary normative data collection. Norms will continually be updated to provide the evaluating clinician with valuable data for interpretation during the evaluation process. is a clinical assessment tool, to be used by licensed healthcare professionals.


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