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Spy Fox and his team from Corps’ are about to take on their toughest assignment yet, as William the Kid plans to replace all the milk in the world with his brand of goat milk. Will children everywhere be forced to endure a fate worse then dry cereal? Will that ghastly goat William the Kid succeed in his plans? Are you reading this in a dramatic trailer voice? You should. The Corps’ needs your help. Spy Fox need’s you. User Reviews “Game of my Youth, Puns Everywhere, Great Nostalgia feels” was raised on games like Spy Fox, Freddy Fish, Pajama Sam, and now years later find myself with the chance to relive a game ’ve idolized since age five.” FEATURES Every new game creates new ways of playing making the experience for any child new every time. Simple touchscreen navigation makes it easy to guide Spy Fox. Fun and challenging puzzles and mini games. Touch everything! Nearly everything in the game can be interacted with just by touching the screen and reveal hundreds of hidden surprises. Featurefilm quality animation and original music. Game Center Awards. This product uses ScummVM which is released under the v2. For more information, please visit http//www.scummvm.org The can be viewed here https//www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl2.0.html

Website: http://www.humongous.com


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