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Work from anywhere View, edit, and create Office Excel files support format, It is compatible with Excel, Numbers and any other based Spreadsheet program. View, create, edit and save spreadsheets in format. Compatible with Excel, Numbers, NeoOffice. Portrait and landscape views. Handles multiple worksheets. Handles unlimited rows and columns. Searching and sorting of cells. Cell formatting, including bold,underline, italic, borders, text and cell color, alignment, text wrapping and so on. Cell types, including General, Number, Currency, Percentage, Date, Time, Date/Time and Text. Merge cells feature. Pane freezing. Copy and paste Tap and drag to change row heights and column widths. Intelligent auto range selection for range based functions. Tap cells to compose formula. Insert, copy, paste or cut cell ranges, rows or columns. Date formats, date separators and numeric separators are all handled correctly according to the current locale, with manual override.


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