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The System Performance and Operation Tracking eport mobile app affectionately referred to as has been designed to help investors eal estate deals quickly. By entering six values it is possible to determine whether a deal is worth looking at or not. By entering the Asking Price, the Number of Units, the Average Monthly ent, the Vacancy Percent, any Other Monthly Income and the Operating Expense atio quickly allows you to perform an Analysis, a Cash Flow Analysis and a Analysis of the commercial property. You can unlock additional features to do ‘Whatif’ analysis with the Projection module. With the unlocked features you can also perform Analysis to explore options when the asset is stabilized. You can even email a copy of your analysis report to your business partners for their review and feedback. This app is not a replacement for performing your due diligence and should not be used as the only tool in making a business decision to purchase a piece of property.



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