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Challenge your friends to new achievements and high scores. Use game center to check and share your success. Spoken21 is an audio blackjack game with casino, shuffling, and game sounds. Standard blackjack rules apply. The game uses four invisible screen buttons. Each one occupying onequarter of the screen. The upper left bets, the upper right deals the cards, the lower left hits, and the lower right stands. flick down gesture also hits and a swipe left/right will stand. ll cards played are shown and spoken. running balance is kept and the high score is saved. Double down may be made on any two cards and gives one additional card while doubling the current bet. Bets of $1, $5, $25, and $100 are allowed. Surrender is permitted using the upper right button when the dealer shows 9ce and loses onehalf your bet. n insurance bet of onehalf the current bet can be made using the upper left button when the dealer's up card is an ce. This game uses one deck and shuffles after every hand. The splitting pairs is not allowed. The app is completely accessible with selfcontained speech, sounds, and descriptions. Spoken21 is an entertaining and challenging card game for all.


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