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Everyone can be a spectator judge at a dressage event that is supported by this app! Choose between one of the following modes full mode Full movement by movement scoring short mode Shortened test sheet 1mode Single end result Compare your results to the average of other spectators and to the scores of the official judges and help to make dressage events even more exciting! Event organizers may restrict which of these options are possible. Find a list of all supported events here http//blackhorse88.com/projects/spectatorjudging/anchorevents Your marks and scores are stored on our server using an anonymized version of this device's primary email address. We will not publish your individual data. You will find more information on this topic on the first launch. Privacy Statement http//blackhorse88.com/projects/spectatorjudging/appprivacystatement/ Imprint http//blackhorse88.com/projects/spectatorjudging/appimprint/

Website: http://blackhorse88.com/projects/spectator-judging/


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