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Sous Vide no other cooking method gives you so much control! Sous Vide has been adopted in professional kitchens for producing precise and consistent results. The Sous Vide method produces perfectly cooked food with outstanding flavor. Its success in highend cuisine changed the culinary world. With a few starting tips anyone can use this technique. Stepbystep tutorials and Sous Vide timers (minirecipes with an alarm) help you along the way. lready convinced that sous vide is the best cooking method since the discovery of fire? Then you probably own a sous vide circulator or a similar device. To start a zipbag, a cooking pot and a thermometer is all you need. Many sous vide recipes work without special equipment. But you will need good advice! In Sous Vide °Celsius you find simple tutorials that take you from first steps to an advanced level. Sous Vide timers for a variety of ingredients work like mini recipes temperature/time recommendations with instructions on how to use the sous vide technique with a your product. Features Tutorials to get you started. Sous Vide timers for beef, veal, poultry, pork, lamb, game, fish, egg, fruits and vegetables. Temperature information in Celsius or Fahrenheit Remote control the nova Precision Cooker over Bluetooth (start, stop, set temperature). Requires iPhone 4S/iPad 3 or newer. We have a feedback page on UserVoice. Share your ideas for improvements. Notes to refine your own experiences We list more than 200 sous vide experiences, calculated and tested in professional kitchens. Good ideas, suggestions or anything you would like to change? Contact us with your feedback! The time for a piece of meat to reach a core temperature can be calculated. formula using thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity and surface heat transfer can calculate the time such shapes as cylinders, cubes and steaks need to acquire a certain core temperature. But food is never an exact geometrical shape and waiting for an extra hour for a piece to reach an additional half a degree is impractical. We have tested sous vide recommendations that work and tutorials that make the first steps easy for professionals and home cooks alike! Disclaimer The information provided in this app does not replace the legal requirements of your local health authority. You may be required to work with a plan when using the sous vide technique with food served to the public. Stay safe!



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