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"Best App for Creating Quiet Workspaces", 10 Top iPhone Apps For Road Warriors "Best App for Shutting Out Noise" O'Reilly, Best iPhone Apps "If you struggle trying to concentrate with irritating noises going on all around you, try Soundcurtain" Tech Digest, The 101 best iPhone apps in the world today "Struggling to complete a project, but distracted and distressed by noise? SoundCurtain may be just the tool you need to banish distracting noise while focusing on the task at hand." MacWorld Do you ever find it difficult working with background noise? You find listening to music interferes with your concentration? Sound Curtain is a unique application that masks distracting noise by automatically adapting its volume, pitch and tone in response to the noise around you. Comes with seven generative tracks featuring intelligent, selfadjusting white noise and harmonic sounds that listen and react to your environment. Sound Curtain keeping the outside world where it belongs outside. (Powered by FutureAcoustic a3) Forbes http// Tech Digest http// Gizmodo http// Macworld http// podcast http// Pocketlint http// iphonic http// SoundCurtain is a new concept in sound control using "adaptive masking technology". It works better than Active Noise Cancellation or traditional (steadystate) masking for blockingout fastchanging, informationrich noise, such as speech. The app monitors noise in your environment through your headphones or device mic and performs realtime spectral analysis to calculate the energy content across a number of perceptuallyimportant frequency bands. Sound is then generated in response, with its spectral content optimized to mask ambient noise. The sound is generated using probabilistic rules to ensure that it is varied subtly over time, so that it doesn't become tiring. You are able to customize the generated sound by changing its 'Sensitivity', which sets how quickly it adapts to sensed noise; its 'Minimum Volume', which sets the minimum playback level; and the overall volume through the side buttons of you iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. SoundCurtain ships with a set of sounds which are optimized for masking, while (critically) staying in the background of your perception allowing you to concentrate or relax. The 'Noise masker' is scientifically the most accurate masker that exists in any platform or device today. To test it, use the standard iPhone headset and set the headset volume to maximum; set 'Sensitivity' to maximum and 'Minimum Volume' to the minimum setting; ask someone to talk to you you should not be able to understand them. The generated sound should match exactly the spectrum of the sensed speech, without any discernible delay. The other presets use more emotive sounds and pleasant harmonics they aim at increasing acoustic comfort in a noisy environment by partial masking, transforming noise into sound you control. To learn more about the technology, visit



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