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Sōsh™ is a mobile app designed to help ‘tweens, teens and young adults improve social skills. Sōsh™ “This is a marvelous app. haven’t seen anything like it.” “ have never come across something so great for people with Asperger’s.” “t is one sweet app, is strengthbased and best in breed; an app that is both dignified, and appeals to kids' strengths while building social skills at the same time. Finally, something my tween will want!” “Sōsh™ gives you virtually every tool you could possibly have in one electronic toolbox. t's the Swiss Army knife of apps!” “This app is the most comprehensive electronic and portable toolbox for social skills development!” Sōsh™ focuses on five essential abilities for social skills development Relate, Relax, Reason, Regulate, and Recognize. These "5R's" serve as a road map for individuals who want to be social, but may have faced obstacles in the past, and also serve as a guide for parents, teachers, and therapists hoping to encourage and assist individuals with their social goals. Sōsh™ 60 presenting exercises, strategies, and practical information to work through social situations in a stepbystep manner. And, most importantly, the app encourages you to work on these skills during everyday interactions, when learning is most likely to occur. Sōsh™ offers a journal, a goals area, a todo list, and a rating scale to rate anything from your school day to an interaction with a peer. You also get a behavior tracking area, a voice meter, and an interest log. Did we mention you can archive all of this data to review later or share with others via email? Maybe you want to email someone your goals for the day. Sōsh™ does that. Maybe you want a timer to help you deal with an upcoming transition. Sōsh™ does that too. n fact, it does many things you need to use it to believe it. t even provides a visual of a balloon pumping up for when you want to express your level of stress. Another exciting feature is the Shredder. t's both visual and audible, and Autism Epicenter referred to it as “brilliant!” Simply type your trouble in the dialog box and drag it into the shredder to see it ripped to shreds! The Facial Expressions gallery is a great place within the app to brush up on recognizing emotions. And, of course, it's visual too. Talking too loudly? Try the Voice Meter and learn to lower your speech volume. Developed by two psychologists, the contents of the Sōsh™ app are based on effective strategies used over the course of a decade of work with children, adolescents, and young adults working to improve social skills. Get Out and Explore Companion Feelings dentifier and Perspective Meter Transition Timer Relaxation Strategies Problem Solver Behavior Tracking and Monitoring ndividualized Education Program Recommendations Feedback Form for Teachers, Parents, and Therapists And much more… Patent Pending. ©2015 Mark Bowers, Ph.D., all rights reserved. Sōsh™ is a trademark of Mark Bowers, Ph.D.,

Website: http://www.mysosh.com


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