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SonoPad is the first full fledged third party alternative Sonos remote control available for your iPad. Watch on YouTube http// lso don't miss my new pp "SonoPhone" for iPhone! Read below about a new intuitive and elegant User nterface integrated browser for fast information retrieval less taps for common tasks and current limitions (don't skip them ;) ) or come over to my homepage with much more information and screenshots available. This application is not endorsed by or associated with Sonos, nc. (which is why it is not free) a new intuitiv and elegant user interface SonoPad focusses on the main tasks in its user interface, making it less cluttered and easier to find your way around don't hide your covers in a small area, SonoPad give big room to show show your gorgeous covers all the time drag and drop zone management a classic dark theme for all those who can't stand blue anymore volume + progress popups when changing volume or progress of a song, you get popups telling you the actual values. Stop guessing your desired values today! screensaver mode integrated browser for fast information retrieval SonoPad knows what you are playing, the web knows even more pregenerated links and searches based on your playlist you are just a tap away from Wikipedia, Lyrics search, Tourdates Search, Last.FM, YouTube, llMusic, MusicBrainz and many more. less taps for common tasks SonoPad tries to optimize most often used tasks to have the least taps needed. n the end you are able to navigate and control your players much more fluently. Touch To Play are you sick of always beeing asked what to do when you tap a track or album? SonoPads default is to just start to play. long press still gives you access to all options you can also change the tap default on the settings screen. Want to build a playlist fast? Just set the default to 'always add to end' and off you go ... tap an album cover image and the whole album starts to play immediately aggregated search search results are collapsed into one view, so you see immediately in what category you have the best results, without switching back and forth shortcuts to most used functions on the bottom bar you have shortcut buttons for artist, albums, radio and musicservices. The Radios menu is rearranged so you are only two taps away from your radio favorites from any place. you can control the volume of every player directly from the players popup. No need to switch players anymore. Limitations all music services except Last.FM and mazon Cloud Music are supported No portrait mode on the main screen yet. No playing of music stored on iPad yet No options to set alarms or sleep settings No support for discontinued dock Use your chance to vote about your next most wanted feature in the following polls http// Please also share your thoughts on my Blog, where ’m able to answer you (ppStore comments cannot be answered). really care about your ideas, as want to make SonoPad the best alternative Sonos Controller out there! Other stuff you can start SonoPad with the 'sonopad//' from other remote pps. ts also possible to hand over a return and a default player to be selected. Read more about it on my blog! SonoPad shows artist names when browsing compilations Sonos is registered trademark of Sonos, nc.


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