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Attack your Friends (or Enemies) with Ultra High Pitch Sound! Sonic Attack is great for playing tricks on your friends and driving them crazy. With 6 different incredibly annoying sounds to choose from no one is safe! Use Timer Mode to delay the start of an attack so you're long gone before anyone even knows what hit them! As we age, we lose hearing at higher pitches. While younger listeners may be able to hear all tones, older (30+) listeners may not be able to. This makes Sonic Attack perfect for playing pranks on kids while not getting in trouble with adults. Use Sonic Attack to keep you safe at night. The ultra high pitch sounds can incapacitate anyone. Sonic Attack is a universal app compatible for both iPhone and iPad. Features 6 Annoying Sounds to Choose From Simple Interface for Quick Attacks Universal App for All iOS Devices including Retina Display & iPhone 5 Timer Mode Delay the Attack Beautiful Graphics



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