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Introducing the Smart Currency Converter currency without the conventional confusion. 92 The Smart Currency Converter is the ultimate tool for any frequent traveller. Our featurepacked tool lets you convert to and from 92 currencies worldwide. and more... currency conversion just got a lot easier. Conversion rates are always changing and it’s our duty to provide you with the most accurate rate possible. We pull real time data from the Google Currencies for an unprecedented level of accuracy. Travelling across the world can be stressful, and our app wouldn’t be smart if it added to that stress. We built the Smart Currency Converter from the groundup so that it’s easy to use, simple and beautiful. It takes merely seconds to convert the currency of your choice letting you get on with more important things in your life. The Smart Currency Converter works perfectly on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. All you need is a or data connection to start converting converting currencies has never been this easy... or accessible. Smart Currency Converter currency... one tap at a time. Featuring 92 of the world’s most common currencies. Live conversion rates from the Google Currencies . Easy to use, simple and beautiful. Universal support (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch). Exchange rates via The data presented in this app is intended for informational purposes only. There is no guarantee of accuracy, validity, availability or fitness for any purpose. Use at your own risk.


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