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Skybird is an extremely detailed information application to help you play the roleplaying game, Skyrim. It contains hundreds of different items, in an easy to use, drilldown system. Probably the most soughtafter feature is the fullyzoomable map, which contains all locations within the game, and by tapping on a location, you can see detailed historical and gameplayrelated information. It enables you to analyse potions and ingredients, view skills and perks, and look up gamespecific information about spells, weapons and armour. It includes a specially designed for iOS map, which is clearly detailed at all zoom levels. Skybird includes All Armor Statistics including Armor Class, Weight and Value. All Spell Statistics including casting information at different levels and perks.. All Weapon statistics with Damage, Weight and Value. All Skill Perks with detailed levelling information about each perk. All Skill Books with detailed location information. Mix ingredients and see the results. All ingredients are included. Identify ingredients from readymixed potions all potion statistics are included. Compare base racial skills for two different races at once, immensely helpful when creating your character. With Skybird to hand while you play, you will have immediate access to hundreds of items, spells, armour and weapons, as well as testing ingredients without using them up in the game, and helping make decisions about which Perk to level next a real advantage for both new and seasoned players.



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