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Simple Meeting Minutes provides you with the ability to simply create a meeting agenda and record meeting minutes then to send the meeting notes to the meeting attendees. It is designed to be intuitive, simple and easy to use yet provide comprehensive functionality, no flashy graphics or multicolours, just simple functionality. You will impress your customers and colleagues when you can send them your meeting notes immediately after your meeting, even before they have returned to their desk. Simple to record meeting details, Start/Stop date and time, description, attendees Record Topics and items under each Topic, or just Items for simple meetings Simple meeting search allows you to rapidly find previous meeting notes For each Item you can assign a 'Action By' person and a 'Date Required' Integration with 'Things' app allows you to immediately add items to your own 'To Do' in Things Add your company logo to include in your meeting agenda and when sending out the meeting minutes Add images from your Photo Library or take a pic using the camera Email meeting agenda or meeting minutes in a format Select meeting attendees from your Phone Book contacts or from previous attendees Immediately print meeting notes to your selected printer Record people in in attendance by flagging their 'Apology' and still send them a copy of the meeting notes Date Stamp items with a single tap Bullet list Item notes Works well with a Bluetooth keyboard giving you extra screen space Send meeting minutes to Dropbox or any other sharing apps Move the order of Topics or Items or even move Items from one Topic to another Repeat previous minutes, ideal for reoccuring meetings allowing you to review past meeting items Backup Meeting data to email. Also useful for moving your meeting data from one iPad to another Will examine your calendar and allow you to add the meeting directly into SimpleMeeting Minutes with attendee details Join me on Facebook, just search for "Simple Meeting Minutes"



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