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Signily is a sign language keyboard app developed by ized, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. ized has a team of Deaf people using merican Sign Language as their primary language. Signily is the first sign language keyboard app that comes in different handshapes and colors! The diversity in the signing community is highly valued; therefore, it is mandatory that Signily has a skin color selector. Not only does Signily represent accurate signs, it is also userfriendly and intuitive. ll proceeds go to ized's emoji project which aims to integrate official sign language handshapes into Unicode and to have them approved by the Unicode Consortium. This is a winwin situation for everyone who is interested in sign language! Signily 1.0 Currently, this keyboard app consists of right and lefthanded handshapes and signs in to in setting, 1 to 30, and a select few of mixed signs. Handshapes that move are shown as animated GIFs while the rest is static. There are three colors to choose from brown, tan and white. There is also an option to filter or display mild profanity. English keyboard is available inside this app as well.



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