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The app is the logical evolution of the successful software program for viewing statistics and analyzing training data from bike computers and sport watches. Now you can conveniently use the on a tablet. To keep your data in sync on your desktop and tablet, use the new free Register at to start syncronizing data. Simply login to the on your and your tablet, and off you go. Here, you can find other new features of the Similar operation and style on you and tablet. Integration of the new The dashboard has been completely revised The View has been completely revised Device Settings, Device Totals, and Memory View have been revised. Supports the Activities were added (All and Memories from all devises are clearly displayed in a list) Activities can now be assigned a sport and a user Training data from the app can now be imported using the Added to the calendar year overview Select or deselect individual sports for more focused evaluation And much more ... We hope you enjoy the new . NOTE Actually you can just transfer any data from the to the iPad directly with Bluetooth Smart. It is not possible to transfer any data via communication. To show any training data we recommend using the more information at



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