iX is the perfect tool in your daily business. Whether you want to hold a chairside presentation, have a look on the next patient’s data or even order an exposure. iX offers the following features Patient selection Viewing of xray images with overview and full screen Adjustable brightness & contrast filtering Two versions of iX are available The free iX light version only allows to view Demodata and does not exchange data with the or 4 installation. iX full version allows the ordering of xray orders, the following image transmission and the optional communication with the server side database. Due to the intuitive handling iX supports every user in the office and facilitates the communication with the patient. The iX full version is available via In App Purchase. Therefore click the button “settings”. The iX server which is needed to connect your installation can be downloaded for free from the website. iX requires an installed version 2.56 or 4 following in order to support the online database access. Prior versions will work, too, but do not support this online database access feature. The iX App is not a medical device and must not be used for diagnosis.



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