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ShuBook is the next generation, streamlined version of our popular ebook reader ShuBook. Many new features have been added. Yet it is easier to use than before. ShuBook has all the functions of ShuBook plus extensive Chinese specific support. ■ CHESESPECIFIC Newly designed beautiful "sealstyle" user interface for Chinese books, and it can be freely placed Vertical layout support, even for books designed for horizontal layout Support modern and classic vertical layout styles Hanzi conversion onthefly and accurate “onetouch conversion” between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese text Second generation Hazni conversion engine that greatly improves accuracy Interface automatically adapts to horizontal or vertical layout, e.g. reading progress line, navigation sliders, and pageturn gesture all changed upon layout change Provide three builtin quality Chinese fonts, can be mixedly displayed inside same book Support PDB/uPDB format ( version only) Chinese books has its own independent set of layout parameters that won't get interfered with nonChinese books. ■ Provide native support of all compatible iOS devices including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Read DRMfree and passwordfree Read in both portrait and landscape orientation Autoreopen last book read at the page you left off for all books Sync book reading progress via AirDrop and email Long press on a word to lookup builtin dictionary Horizontal pagebypage turn for and Vertical pagebypage scroll for Offer automatic to conversion For and Customize various layout parameters (font family, font size, text alignment, page margin, paragraph indentation, paragraph spacing, line spacing, letter spacing, hyphenation) and apply color themes Import unlimited number of user font files Import user font files through AirDrop, DropBox, Safari, Mail Provide 16 builtin eyepleasing color themes and 3 customizable color themes, where you can control background, text, heading and link colors of and Jump to any page quickly and precisely via page slider with an unobtrusive reading progress line at the bottom of the page Night mode and brightness control by vertical swipe to complement iOS system brightness control via Control Center Do fast full text search and automatically save recent searches Unlimited number of bookmarks per book ■ Edit book info, including title, author, label and book cover image, for which you can choose from Album and Google Group books by authors hierarchically in Library with multiple authors per book Group books by tags hierarchically in Library with multiple tags per book Group books by clusters, for which you can add as many as you want, and sort them and their books any way you like Search books in Library Gracefully handle thousands of books stored in Library ■ Provide convenient access to millions of free ebooks from multiple sources websites and catalogs), including websites you input Smart batch download from calibre (and other servers on with one action (Download All) by skipping books that are already in Library iTunes file sharing to import and export books in Library Send and receive books by email No Ads To see which ShuBook product is most suitable for you, please see our product comparison table http//



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