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The 1 shooter log book application in the world! Voted the most and user friendly app in its genre! The ultimate log book for your shooting right on your iPhone. Stores a photo of the target you just shot into your phone. Shooters Log is designed to be very user friendly, not only to record but also to review your targets. Use Shooters Log to easily and conveniently track your target shooting performance. Snap pictures of your targets at full resolution. Specify your target's point of aim. Record complete details for that target, including weapon and ammo, firing position, weather, and more. Tracks your rounds fired per target, total rounds fired per weapon and per day. View your logs by day or by weapon or search by keyword. Customize your home screen with your personal crest or emblem. Designed by a police sniper, this app is for any one that has to record their shooting in an easy, hassle free way that allows the shooter to concentrate on where the rounds are going, not spending precious time drawing diagrams and filling in boxes. Reviewing is just as easy and allows you to edit, modify or add to your existing logs. Email your targets or print them on the fly for a hard copy. Security feature allows you to password protect your files. This app has been reviewed and approved by various Police and Military Snipers, and Professional Sport Shooters. Why spend over $100 per log book when you can spend only $4.99 and have the convenience of having it in your iPhone. This app is not only designed for snipers, it can be used for any shooter who would like to improve their shooting accuracy and ability. It allows you to keep a log and compare your shots from one date to another. Very easy to use! View the complete demo on http// User friendly app that cuts the amount of time needed to record a log Snap live photos and store them into your logbook along with custom data View your logbook by calendar, list, firearm, ammunition, or keyword Predefine your firearms in the settings Export your logs to email or print on the fly Free technical support at http// Used by operational Police Snipers, Military and Sports Shooters worldwide 15% off for Services, clubs or organizations that wish to purchase 20+ licenses. Other discounts may apply by emailing us. For feedback, contact info and more visit http//


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