She Wants Me Dead

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Max is in trouble. He pissed off his cat Lula and now she’s out to get him. nd Lula is far from sweet. She is viscous, cold and unforgiving. More dangerous than Lula are her traps deadly and brutal killing contraptions with Max’s name written all over them. is a sidescrolling platform game, released along megastars CZZETTE’s new hit single with the same name. Your job is to help poor Max, whose only hope is to get through Lula’s deadly gauntlets in one piece. This might sound easy, if it weren’t for the fact that Lula really, really wants Max dead. But there is help. plays a major role in the game. Lula’s traps and other things in the environment move in rhythm with the music. re you groovy enough to help Max find safe passage? Or are you as stiff as the corpse he’ll be when the traps hit? Content Crazy hard platform levels Deadly traps Gold frame achievements bunch of silly cat pictures wesome clothes and accessories


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