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With over 1,300 buses and 13,700 unique stops, Shanghai's bus system can be a daunting place. If you cannot read Chinese characters it's even more scary. Shanghai Stops takes you deep within the unknown realm of the Shanghai bus system. Features View buses/routes in Pinyin, English, and Chinese View maps over or Wifi List closest stops and buses using your phone's Search by line number, stop name, or keyword View bus schedules, prices, wait times, and bus photos Bus line information available offline Description This app makes it easier to get where you're going with access to the city's bus routes in English and Chinese. Shanghai Stops will show you all stops on the bus line you choose with wait time, prices, schedule, and a bus photo. And don't worry if you have no internet connection, this data is all available offline. If this isn't enough info and you have a or Wifi connection, you can view an individual stop or the whole route on a map. Search by line name or number to view the stops on the buses route. Search by stop name to view bus lines available at that stop. Shanghai Stops integrates with your device's , providing the closest bus and stop information. View nearby buses and stops in both list form and visually on a map in relation to your current location. Shanghai Stops will tell you the distance and your accuracy. Travel like a native. Download Shanghai Stops!



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