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One of the stranger things discovered is the theta frequency of 4.5 Hz and it's effect on the human consciousness. So it turns out that 4.5 Hz is the frequency used by Shamans, not just in one area, but around the world. The Shamans used these frequencies to enter trance states for stral Projection, Healing, Remote Healing and more. t's all about the 5th dimension and this app is designed to take you there fast! The drum patterns in Shaman Magic are at a perfect frequency. You can run Shaman Magic through headphones or pump the drums through a stereo to put an entire room of people into a theta trance state. Shaman Magic has beats from frica Modern Native mericans Siberia Tibet You also get background sounds that you can mix in with the trance rhythms in any order you choose which include Crown, Third Eye and Solar Chakra background frequencies Forest Nature Sounds soft rain storm brook / stream Thunderstorm Help and nfo on how to do a Shamanic Journey builtinto the app. FETURES... New Forest, Rain and Wave background sounds Callback added and enhanced New con and nterface Smooth udio transitions Long fade at end of session The drum sounds are from real drums in European recording studios. Some people love em, some don't. suppose there are those who expect a deerskin stretched on a log sound. prefer being more creative. Bottom line these drums work and work really good. t's a 21st century sound for a 21st century trip... SHMN MGC TODY



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