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Serato Pyro seamlessly mixes your music and never skips a beat. Get started with music stored on your device or stream from over 30 million songs from your Spotify Premium ccount. Whether you’ve created a big playlist or lined up just a couple of songs, Pyro will step in once those songs have played and keep the fire burning with continuous mixed music. It’s simple and intuitive, making it the perfect music player for parties, road trips, or working out. Stream your saved playlists, follow artists in Spotify, and enjoy exclusive Pyro playlists hand picked by experts across the globe. lternatively, let Pyro run things using our intelligent suggestions. Just choose one song and Pyro will pick songs from Spotify’s extensive catalogue to play next. Only want to hear your own songs? Easy. Just turn off the “Discover New Music” setting and Pyro will only play the songs you’ve saved in Spotify or on your device. There’s no silence between songs, and no bad crossfades, because Pyro uses an advanced algorithm to perfectly align the beats of the current song with the next, blending them together for a smooth mix. Near the end of the song, Pyro chooses the best place to transition to the next song, but you can start the mix at any time with the touch of a button. SMRT Pyro analyses your music and calculates every beat, allowing you to skip to anywhere in the song while staying in time. The smart seek feature lets you jump to your favourite part, or just have fun bouncing all around the song for an instant remix. RRNGE ND RERRNGE Whether you like to prepare playlists ahead of time or switch it up as you go, Pyro makes it easy to get your playlist how you want it. Nudge a song left or right to drag it to a new spot, swipe it left to remove it, or right to send it to the top of the queue, you are in complete control with the easy gestures and features. LWYS CRETE You can instantly recall every great party, workout or road trip from Pyro’s history, and rearrange or combine them however you want, so you can relive those unforgettable moments. You can even name your favorite sessions and find them easily in your favorites list. FETURES Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and pple Watch Stream over 30 million songs with a Spotify Premium account Transition engine mixes songs together beautifully Recommendations Pyro suggests songs based on your previous selections Mix Up Let Pyro shuffle your songs into a smoother sequence for a better mix Nonstop music Suggestions are automatically played when your selections run out Simple, intuitive design Swipe left to remove a song Swipe right to play a song next Nudge left or right to drag a song to a new spot Smart Seek stay perfectly on beat when skipping to any part of the song



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