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Sens'Care uses the builtin camera to measure your heart rate and track its evolution. This allows you to keep track of your resting heart rate, the proved approach to monitoring your heart health and preventing related diseases. “Epidemiological studies show that a resting tachycardia is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and sudden death. Elevated heart rate is also highly and independently predictive of 6month and 1year mortality following acute myocardial infarction.” Henry Purcell, PhD (Senior Fellow in Cardiology Royal Brompton Hospital London “We carry in us a sudden death risk and information is comprised in the heart rate”. Xavier Jouven, (European hospital Georges Pompidou, Paris France). The heart rate profile at rest or during an effort is an strong predictive factor of sudden death according to the French study conducted by Xavier Jouven and published is the New England Journal of Medicine. Features Real time physiological signal and automatic finger detection Instant Heart Rate and average over signal Store Historical Data on Interactive Scalable Curve, including automatic resting estimation Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk and Heart Fitness Evaluation Results and statistics compared to Average Population (according to a large Epidemiologic study of 40k volunteers followed during 22 years) SensCare (c) Your Health Matters.



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