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Scrum Poker Pro is a tool for estimating software development projects. It works in the same way as cards, a number is chosen and displayed for the team to see. The app supports several different card sets from standard scrum cards to TShirts and Fibonacci. How It Works 1. Each estimator selects a set of cards from their mobile app. 2. Facilitator reads item to be estimated, and moderates a brief discussion to clarify details. 3. Each estimator places estimate face down, hiding the value. 4. Facilitator calls for vote, and all estimators turn over their phones with the card image facing up at the same time. 5. If all cards agree, their value is recorded as the estimate. 6. Otherwise, facilitator asks high and low estimators to explain their reasoning, and moderates a brief discussion to clarify issues. Features Shake Motion No Ads iPhone, iPod and iPad compatible Full graphics, Retina display graphics Three deks of cards Easy to use Flat Design Beautiful and simple interface Standard, TShirt and Fibonacci card decks Beautiful animations Rapid card selection We hope you like it. Please let us know what you think on our facebook page https//



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