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The app is a new, smartphone version of the “Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2” developed by a group of international experts at the 3rd International Consensus meeting on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich, Switzerland in November 2008 and published in volume 43, supplement 1 of the British Journal of Sports Medicine. This app is for use by medical and health professionals on athletes aged from 10 years and older. It is not meant to diagnose mild traumatic brain injuries alone, however comparing preseason baseline scores to those postinjury will assist medical and health professionals in their interpretation of scores and ultimately in their assessment of possible This app is the app on the market that allows users to save tests! Once a test is complete, results can be saved (up to 50) and/or emailed to the examiner or other medical or health professionals. The emailed results of the test consist of all pertinent information required for thorough recordkeeping and injury assessment including all “Overall Score” data from the (symptom score, physical signs score, Glasgow Coma score, balance score, coordination score, score, and Maddocks Score) as well as all symptoms and their severities. The Balance Examination Test page includes a timer with a short vibration and beep when the timer hits 20 seconds to allow the tester to watch the athlete for errors. This app is the most userfriendly and thorough smartphone version of the that is available for use on sidelines, in athletic training facilities, and in clinics everywhere.


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