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Savings Jar is a fun and motivational tool to help you save towards a goal with your loose change and other small sums of money. Part savings tracker and part vision board, Savings Jar lets you keep track of your progress as you add to your savings each day. When you save enough each day, Savings Jar will award a bronze, silver or gold star to help keep you motivated and on track to achieve your savings goal. Features Create a goal with a target amount that you want to save towards Add savings and keep track of the total you’ve saved Earn bronze, silver and gold stars for your goal depending on how well you save Add a picture of your goal to the vision board to help you visualise what you’re saving for Give yourself from as little as a week to 999 days to achieve your goal Use the Savings Jar reports to see the progress you’re making towards your goal See how much you have left to save as well as how much you need to save each day to reach your goal If you’re a parent, why not create a Savings Jar goal with your children and get them into the saving habit? If you’re saving up for something yourself, use Savings Jar to keep track of how you’re doing. Try and pick something to go without each day, and put the amount you save towards your Savings Jar goal. Savings Jar works with any decimal based currency system. Savings Jar provides the same functionality as, but is not compatible with the Mac version of Savings Jar.


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