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Savings Goals is also available for iPhone Are you saving for a house deposit, new car, holiday, household bill etc or putting money aside just in case? Buy 'Savings Goals for iPad' and track your progress when saving. You enter a target amount and an optional target date by which you want to save this amount and the app suggests a savings schedule and tracks your progress. You can have as many separate Savings Goals as you need. This App is made specifically for iPad and is just a stretched out iPhone App like the others ! No Sneaky In App Purchase tricks, purchase price is all you pay. Transfer data between Savings Goals for iPad & Savings Goals via the Cloud Use a Target Date and the App will Calculate the Amount you need to save per Month/Week to reach your Goal by the Target Date Calculate when you will reach your Goal if you save a certain amount per Month/Week Produce a Savings Schedule showing when to add to your savings to reach your Goal Features a graphical display to show How much you have saved as a proportion of your Target How close you are to your Target Date Whether you are behind or ahead of schedule Customisable to suit your needs Save for any purpose! Name your Goal yourself Saving Time Periods (per week/month etc) are fully customisable Create as many Savings Goals as you need Turn on Secure Entry to lock the App with an Entry Code if required Buy Savings Goals for iPad, keep track of your savings and save more !



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