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the new high performance version of Salez Toolz and winner of CEPro’s Best software for innovation, functionality, competitive advantages, and benefits to the end user. What makes a winning mobile sales app for users is that it saves them a tremendous amount of time doing bids by seamlessly presenting product solutions and generating budgets on the spot. The app’s visually engaging pictures and symbol rich icons also provide customers with a better understanding of what you offer along with a great experience. They readily make their choices, signingoff on the budget, right on your iPad, and often in the first meeting. Our customers tell us that with Salez Toolz they are achieving shorter salescycles, higher close rates and increased dollars per sale. Key benefits for the Salesperson Saves time by establishing the budget during the presentation saving hours creating multiple proposals Closes sales faster by providing your customer with options and pricing they can compare and select from Qualifies the customers’ needs, wants and budget avoiding the guessing game or missed opportunities Consistently offers your preferred product and service solutions Creates the factor with visually engaging pictures Easy to Learn and Customize Designed for use with minimal training, any salesperson can quickly make use of the customized product and service solutions to present a wide range of options. Customize the product solution with a picture, description and price. Easily add your company’s logo and choose from background themes to complete your own presentation. Want to expedite your implementation? What’s New (separate area) Room Selection Function navigation wheel identifies a room for placement and budget Product Selection Function navigation wheel scrolls through a vast list of customizable product categories Expanded Product Grid navigation panel allows two hundred package solutions for each System New Pictorial Icons new icons quickly identify cameras, TV's, speakers, and other shapes New Package Graphics new images include Control4, Bose, Security, Lighting and many more New Background Themes dozens of new backgrounds themes with color and texture choices New and Added Reports options include pictures and customizable terms and agreements New Price Adjustment function provide discounts or additions by a fixed amount or percentage New Tax Calculation Fields memorize multiple taxes based on location, equipment or labor



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