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Learn 55 different ways to make delicious healthy salads right on your iPhone or iPad with these recipes. Spot on always have the right recipe Quick, Masterpiece, Meal or Dessert salads Easy Step by step directions Fast Most salads can be made in 15 minutes or less Versatile use them for every day meals or entertaining Chef’s secrets Learn tips on how to modify your own recipes, too from Judy Doherty, More secrets see great presentations from a professional chef now you will have all the secrets for beautiful salads every time Salad and weight control what does the research say? Find out! How to keep your favorite salad recipes healthy tips from Hollis Bass, Med, Support you can email us for help Share and send email our recipes to yourself and friends Photos creative, appetizing photos show you what your salad will look like it’s all about you once installed no internet connection needed Sync favorites and notes across all of your devices These salads include complete nutrition analysis, low in fat and sodium beautiful innovative design never before seen with salad salads that can be appetizers, meals or desserts special masterpiece salads will stun any audience tested and developed over 15 years by award winning newsletter publisher easy to follow step by step directions Quotes from our readers “Great, simple, and easy to follow ideas to make salads more appealing, cost effective and delicious!” “Fresh, beautiful and inspirational.” “The simple technique of displaying healthy food more attractively will increase consumption”



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