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1 App of choice for sending videos from Safari browser to Chromecast! Buy it risk free with Apple AppStore and try, you're not going to be disappointed! Now you can send your favorite videos to your Chromecast straight from Safari browser! Enjoy high definition web videos on your biggest screen at home or at work! t works with all Chromecast models including the first generation Chromecast and Chromecast 2.0. "f only had know this sooner! This is simply the best way to watch web videos on Chromecast. The other apps don't even come close to this one." "Costs less than a lunch, gave it a shot. T." Read along to learn how it works! The application adds a new action to your Safari browser. Open Safari and navigate to the web site with the video you want to play. Tap Share button, select More... and then add and sort the item. Select the page with the video, tap 'Cast' and that's all. The purchase is lifetime. Once you buy the app, there are no inapp purchases. The application will also run on all your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). t also comes with a monthly subscription for the improved video detection service that will continue to automatically renew for until further notice. Notes This application supports most standards based websites that support mp4 and other video file types supported by Chromecast. f the application fails to detect video you have the option to report the link so it can be investigated. Video detection and your privacy Unlike almost all other video playing apps, this application features a client side video detection algorithm which works well for most websites that provide standards compliant video. For certain sites which does not provide standard compliance, the application will use an external service to detect video files. When looking up this information, the link used for lookup will be transmitted, but your personal information will not be transmitted or collected. Reviews We do not prompt you for reviews. f you have enjoyed the app, please feel free to review the app and tell your friends. Disclaimer The user accepts all liabilities on content played using this application and any consequences arising from the use of it. N APPLCAT TS AFFLATED LABLE DRECT, NDRECT, NCDENTAL, SPECAL, CSEQUENTAL (NCLUDNG, T LMTED PRTS; BUSNESS NTERRUPT) Y LABLTY, WHER N CTRACT, STRCT LABLTY, TT (NCLUDNG NEGLGENCE WSE) ARSNG N THS APPLCAT



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